High qualitative phase 2 and 3 mushroom substrates, made from the best raw materials.

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Fruit and vegetables

Standard and customized organic substrates for even more tasty and sustainable crops.

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Substrates and pot covers, adapted to plant variety, pot size, cultivation stage and cultivation method.

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Urban green

Specialised products for creating urban green spaces and roof gardens.

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A wide range for home gardeners, available from garden centres, DIY stores and supermarkets.

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Green spaces in an urban landscape are not only a delight to behold, they offer countless benefits for people and the environment.
The construction of new tunnels for phase 3 substrate production in Uman (Ukraine) is another important step in the development strategy of the company.
Agaris is developing in collaboration with Ghent University organic substrates specifically designed for LED farming practices, in order to grow more sustainably. 
Agaris Myco Poland is the first mushroom substrate manufacturer to offer substrate for organic farming in Poland. Polish growers had until now to import this type of substrate from Germany or the Netherlands.
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