Anti-odor barrier is in the works

Soon, the residents of Wola Makowska in the Skierniewice poviat will breathe a sigh of relief. Agaris Myco Poland, a producer of substrate for mushroom cultivation, will construct a state-of-the-art anti-odor water curtain system worth half a million złoty, which will mitigate the olfactory inconveniences caused by the facility.

The substrate for mushroom cultivation is made from straw, water, gypsum, and poultry or horse manure. While the process is entirely natural, it is troublesome for the neighboring residents. An installation designed to neutralize unpleasant odor compounds will counteract this issue. Specially designed nozzles will spray a "mist" of microscopic water droplets and anti-odor solution under pressure.  The solution, composed of natural substances and essential oils, acts like a magnet, attracting and blocking odor molecules from the air. This environmentally friendly process neutralizes them, yielding an immediate effect. 
The installation will consist of two sections of high-pressure pipes with nozzles, totaling almost 450 meters in length. This is equivalent to the length of over four football fields.  The pipes will be suspended on 46 poles, at a height of about 6 meters above the ground. 

The water curtains are an interim solution meant to reduce the odor inconvenience for the residents of Wola Makowska until the comprehensive anti-odor modernization of our facility is completed,” Rafał Nawrocki, Agaris CEO explains. “The modernization project, worth 40 million złoty, involves conducting all technological processes under a roof. The facility will be equipped with automatic gates and a modern ventilation system, including filters, biofilters, and special scrubbers. This will help reduce emissions of the most troublesome compounds by up to 97% within three years. While awaiting approval of the project by the local authorities, we have decided to install these anti-odor curtains, which can temporarily improve air quality.”  

The commencement of work on the anti-odor curtains is dependent on Agaris Myco Poland obtaining a construction approval. An application for an environmental decision has been submitted to the Maków Municipal Office. The installation's creation will take about six months. The effects will be noticeable immediately upon its completion.  


Agaris Myco Poland is a producer of mushroom cultivation substrate, employing over 200 people in the Łask and Skierniewice poviats combined.  With Agaris-produced substrate, up to 75 thousand tons of mushrooms are cultivated annually in Poland.  This constitutes approximately 16% of mushroom production in Poland. It's worth noting that our country is the largest mushroom producer in Europe. Agaris Myco is a small industry holding company.  The foundation comprises two factories in Poland, with an additional two located in Ukraine. The Agaris group is owned by the Belgian investment fund Straco.