Discover our new Big Bale Machine in Ghent. This investment promises numerous benefits for our customers and aligns perfectly with our sustainability strategy.
Ghent, 27 NOV 2023 - Agaris, producer of substrates, soil improvers and soil covers, announces a significant €1.5 million investment in its production site located deep within the Landes forests in France. This investment reinforces the company's commitment to develop substrates with reduced or peat-free compositions, in addition to the more common substrates, thereby responding to market demands.
What has long been at the forefront of our corporate vision as an employer, has now been explicitly written down. By signing this declaration of intent, Agaris states its agreement with the principles of an inclusive company.
Soon, the residents of Wola Makowska in the Skierniewice poviat will breathe a sigh of relief. Agaris Myco Poland, a producer of substrate for mushroom cultivation, will construct a state-of-the-art anti-odor water curtain system worth half a million złoty, which will mitigate the olfactory inconveniences caused by the facility.
Agaris participates in events all over the world, both for the professional and the retail market.
Since Monday 3 October 2022, Philippe Gysen has been appointed as the new CEO of Agaris. 
From the believe in our baseline, together we grow, Agaris is strongly committed to creating added value for all customers by developing sustainable customised substrate. To highlight this asset more, we created a new multi-purpose campaign image that conveys exactly this message: our substrate man.
Agaris is proud to announce a new partnership with Caroline Le Méhauté, a visual artist who lives and works alternately in Brussels and Toulouse, and who works creatively with natural materials. 
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