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Floraliën 2022, the festival of ornamental horticulture based in Ghent, touches the hearts of many. Once every four years, young and old discover the different concept rooms and indoor and outdoor gardens. With the supply of our Agrofino peatfree potting soil, we happily contribute to a circular, local and sustainable partnership!
Since Monday 3 October 2022, Philippe Gysen has been appointed as the new CEO of Agaris. 
From the believe in our baseline, together we grow, Agaris is strongly committed to creating added value for all customers by developing sustainable customised substrate. To highlight this asset more, we created a new multi-purpose campaign image that conveys exactly this message: our substrate man.
Agaris is proud to announce a new partnership with Caroline Le Méhauté, a visual artist who lives and works alternately in Brussels and Toulouse, and who works creatively with natural materials. 
Agrofino universal potting soil obtained the label ‘Best Buy’ in a comparative test of 18 potting soils on the Belgian market. This label is the best known and most important award in the comparative tests of Test Aankoop. It indicates that Agrofino universal potting soil has the best price-quality ratio of all tested potting soils. A great recognition for our product, our employees and our partners.  
Agaris participates in events all over the world, both for the professional and the retail market. We look forward to meeting you!
Ghent, 9 December 2021 – Potting soil company Agaris opened 2 new production lines in its Ghent factory on 8 December. This increase in production means Agaris is able to meet the increased demand for potting soil from professional and hobby users. 
Discover our new Agaris Professional packaging! 
Agaris considers sustainability as very important. That is why, together with our Innovation Department, we search daily for renewable and local raw materials with which we can reduce the impact on the environment as much as possible.
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