Enabling a sustainable growth

Agaris creates growing media for different sales segments. Professional growers from all over the world can daily count on our specialized substrates for a sustainable and performant cultivation. Our substrates are essential for the cultivation of mushrooms, fruits & vegetables and ornamental crops. Agaris has a leading position in the hobby markets and is partner of the biggest European retailers. Finally, we have a wide offer for urban green applications. Together with architects, contractors and local governments, Agaris creates in this way a greener and sustainable environment.

HORTI division

The Horti division of Agaris produces substrates, soil improvers and soil covers for ornamental plant cultivation, vegetable and fruit growing and the construction of urban green. We give our customers advice on the best product, and each time formulate a product tailored to their specific needs. Agaris Horti has 10 production plants, which means we always produce near to our customers and respond to their needs with alacrity.

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MYCO division

The Myco division of Agaris produces button mushroom phase 2 and 3 substrates, overgrown with mycelium. We are one of the largest suppliers of top quality substrates and offer advisory service to mushroom growers in Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia. In these markets, our substrates are essential in producing high quality mushrooms. Agaris Myco has 4 state-of-the-art production facilities, located in Poland and Ukraine.


Our vision and mission


To create growing media enabling a sustainable growth.


With our range of growing media, we create the base to grow more sustainably, through consistent performance and with respect for people and environment. With our partners, we create added value through tailor-made solutions, efficient supply chains and a hands-on approach.

Quality & certificates

Bio label Bioekspert RPP RHP MPS NF En plus Din plus

Working at Agaris

We work each day on improving the characteristics and the composition of our products - physically, chemically and biologically. This is where our customers reap the fruits of our labour.


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