Own brands

Own brands

Over the years, Agaris has developed a wide and high quality range of potting soils, soil improvers and soil covers for the home gardener. From basic to premium, from bio-substrates to PEFC-certified barks, from universal potting soil to more specialised variants ...

The Agaris strengths


Our customers must be able to offer the highest quality in their stores. This is the reason why we strive for perfection each and every day.


Also in our private lives, sustainability plays a central role. That is why we offer environmental friendly products. Agaris is one of the first producers able to offer labelled RPP potting soils.


Retailers need the right products to meet their clients wishes. Agaris has both the capacity and the know-how to make this happen.



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Floraliën 2022, the festival of ornamental horticulture based in Ghent, touches the hearts of many. Once every four years, young and old discover the different concept rooms and indoor and outdoor gardens. With the supply of our Agrofino peatfree potting soil, we happily contribute to a circular, local and sustainable partnership!
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