Agaris is a proud partner of Floraliën 2022

Floraliën 2022, the festival of ornamental horticulture based in the city of our headquarters, Ghent, touches the hearts of many. Not only the inhabitants of Ghent, but also all those for whom this is the ‘city of flowers’, discover once every four years the different concept rooms and indoor and outdoor gardens. 

Agaris is proud to be a partner of this festival of flowers. As sustainability is an important topic on the agenda of Floraliën, we consciously choose for our Agrofino peatfree potting soil with renewable raw materials. This means no peat, but renewable natural and circular materials such as wood fibre, bark compost, green compost and coconut. In this way, we limit the impact on our environment. With the supply of our Agrofino peatfree potting soil, we happily contribute to a circular, local and sustainable partnership!

Also, did you know that the peat that is processed in the other products of Agrofino is RPP-certified (Responsibly Produced Peat)? This guarantees that the peat fields that have already been cultivated are restored to their original state. This way a renewed ecosystem is created.

Are you curious about Floraliën 2022? Watch the video below about the partnership between Floraliën and Agaris.


Do you want to learn more about Floraliën 2022? Have a look at their website


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