Agaris is committed to responsible peat

Ghent March 2020 – The potting soil supplier Agaris has been awarded with the Chain Custody RPP certificate. A requirement to achieve certification is that the company extracts all its peat from peatlands that have been certified by the independent Foundation Responsibly Produced Peat (RPP). This ensures that this precious raw material is harvested in a responsible and sustainable manner. RPP is also supported by various environmental organisations to restore valuable natural areas.  

Peat is a very important raw material both in the fields of professional and hobby horticulture with unique properties that enables plants, vegetables and fruit to sustainably grow under optimal conditions. In Europe, all ecologically valuable peatlands are protected. In the past, for instance, many peatlands have been drained in order to extract peat for fuel. Only a fraction of these peatlands is actually used for the production of peat for potting soil. An independent supervisory body such as the Foundation for Responsibly Produced Peat therefore plays an essential role in ensuring that only responsibly harvested peat is recognised with a certificate. 

No impact on the environment
Peatlands must comply with a number of very strict requirements in order to obtain RPP certification. The assessment as to whether these requirements have been met is determined in a prior environmental impact assessment. Furthermore, the certifying organisation requires that the extraction activities have a minimal impact on the surrounding environment. This approach ensures that the environment and nature are treated with respect. Following exploitation, the producer is obliged to upgrade the site to a high-quality ecosystem. This strategy is therefore a genuine benefit for everyone, as a deserted area with low biodiversity is transformed into a natural ecosystem. 

Consumers increasingly opt for sustainability
Agaris is highly dedicated to promoting sustainable development, which is why it is proud to be one of the first in the world to produce its full range of potting soils in a sustainable manner. “This process is a long-term project to which everyone in our company has personally made a contribution,” says Stefaan Vandaele, CEO of Agaris. “About four years ago, our first peatlands achieved RPP certification and now the entire company has been awarded the Chain of Custody certificate – a true milestone. For us, it is not only about the certification itself, but also, and above all, about the fact that we can demonstrate that our raw materials are harvested in a responsible manner, with respect for the environment, fauna and flora. We are confident that growers and consumers will increasingly opt for a sustainable solution – also when it comes to potting soil. In this spirit, our newly renewed Agrofino range will be the very first in the market to proudly bear the RPP label”.