Green roofs

Green roofs

Vegetative roofs offer countless benefits for people and environment, as they boost the biodiversity in the city, save energy, reduce sound transmissions and extend the effective lifespan of the roof. Agaris has a wide range of specialized substrates for the construction of green roofs.

The Agaris strengths


The Agaris roof garden substrates comply with FLL standards. All our mixtures are composed of carefully selected raw materials and where possible, we use renewable resources.


With our substrates we contribute to a greener environment, which has a positive impact on the general well-being of humans and animals.


Thanks to our production capacity, short delivery routes and an efficient planning, we can quickly respond to the requirements of each construction or landscaping project.

Our offer
for Green roofs

Intensive green roof substrate

Extensive green roof substrate

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Green spaces in an urban landscape are not only a delight to behold, they offer countless benefits for people and the environment.
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