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10-11-12 September 2019
3 October 2019
Local, circular, sustainable and innovative. This is the unique demonstration project coordinated between Releaf, Agaris and the City of Ghent. For this project, the partners investigated how green waste from the local area, in particular grass waste from urban spaces, can be reused and upgraded into a renewable raw material for compost.
Agaris is developing in collaboration with Ghent University organic substrates specifically designed for LED farming practices, in order to grow more sustainably. 
The Agaris Grow Bag was introduced as a more cost-effective and sustainable alternative to conventional inert substrates. The mat is suitable for growing various types of greenhouse fruit and vegetables, like tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers and strawberries.
BIGH (Building Integrated Greenhouses) recently completed construction of the largest rooftop city farm in Europe. Located in Brussels, the Ferme Abattoir will be delivering fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and fish to local stores and restaurants. Agaris delivered special rooftop substrates for the project and is therefore an important partner.
Agaris is partner in the European Horti-BlueC research project. The project will investigate the upcycling of circular products from agriculture and fisheries for use in horticulture.
Early 2017 Agaris launched a new, revolutionary line of potting soils aimed at hobby gardeners. On the basis of three simple questions Agrofino Grow it smart ensures that the consumers are always making the right choice. 
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