Private label

Private label

We work closely with retailers to develop products that perfectly match their market position while responding to the latest trends. Attractive plants at home? A vegetable garden in the city? Small trees for a terrace? We have the right products in-house, catered to every need.

The Agaris strengths


Our customers must be able to offer the highest quality in their stores. This is the reason why we strive for perfection each and every day.


Also in our private lives, sustainability plays a central role. That is why we offer environmental friendly products. Agaris is one of the first producers able to offer labelled RPP potting soils.


Retailers need the right products to meet their clients wishes. Agaris has both the capacity and the know-how to make this happen.

Our offer
for Private label

Multi purpose potting soils

Specialized potting soils

Soil improvers

Organic soil covers

Mineral soil covers

Winter products

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