To produce mushroom substrates of the highest quality, Agaris uses the best raw materials. As straw is the main ingredient of mushroom substrates it needs to meet this condition too. Therefore, we offer permanent cooperation to the suppliers of the best quality straw.

Agaris Myco Poland purchases straw throughout the year:
•    Rye
•    Triticale
•    Wheat
•    Organic

Agaris offers its suppliers permanent cooperation and individual approach tailored to their needs.

Agaris Myco has two collecting locations:

    Karszew 42, 98-100 Łask, Poland
    T: 43 675 14 40
    M: 663 983 400

    Wola Makowska 124A, 96-124 Maków, Poland
    T: 46 831 20 08
    M: 509 718 882

Agaris offers also straw pick up directly from the supplier field.

Do you want more information? Contact us by sending an email to poczta@agaris.eu