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After years of fundamental research, Agaris launched a substrate mat that is filled with a 100% organic substrate. This sustainable alternative is suitable for growing various types of greenhouse vegetables (tomato, cucumber, eggplant, pepper, strawberry). Natural substrate mats are fully in line with high-tech greenhouse growing techniques, but also offer several advantages.


The Agaris Grow Bag is filled with organic raw materials that are 100% compostable. The substrate has a balanced and stable microbial life, which offers unique advantages over inert substrates, which might be more susceptible to plant pathogenic microorganisms. Agaris has been conducting fundamental research for several years into the microbiological composition of organic substrate mats. This research took place in close collaboration with Ghent University, PC Hoogstraten and WUR and led to fundamental insights into the disease ‘crazy roots’ in tomato cultivation. Several times, research demonstrated that thanks to their rich microbial composition, the symptoms of crazy roots do not occur in the Agaris Grow Bags. In addition, the researchers found that the intrinsic characteristics of the Agaris Grow Bag could even counteract the development and spread of the crazy roots bacteria.

Research in practice 

In real conditions, many growers have indeed observed that the crazy roots disease didn’t developed in the Agaris Grow Bag, despite the presence of crazy roots on their farm. Moreover, in many cases the plants have higher yields, they are healthier and their fruits taste better and more intense, this thanks to the airy and draining organic substrate. Some growers have carried out tests in which the same variety was grown simultaneously on the Agaris Grow Bag and on the stone wool variant. The discussed benefits of taste were determined, allowing them to distinguish themselves from bulk production with the Agaris Grow Bag.


In addition, the sustainability of the mat is an unmistakable added value. After cultivation, the bags are 100% compostable into a high-quality soil improver. The natural ingredients of the Agaris Grow Bag also have a buffering effect. In addition, additives such as benign soil fungi or biostimulants can be added in advance, something that is not possible with stone wool or coconut substrates. As a result, the use of agrochemicals can be greatly reduced.


Agaris has been asked by some prominent retailers to be at the basis of a sustainable and tasty cultivation, in collaboration with some growers. The sustainably grown tomatoes are sold under private label and give a positive boost to the image of the retailer. Various projects are also emerging in which retailers are increasingly trying to grow locally, with the lowest possible impact on the environment. Thanks to the unique organic substrate, the Agaris Grow Bag fits perfectly in this story.


Different sizes of Grow Bags are available ranging from a length of 40cm to 120cm. Depending on the wishes of the customer, we can produce bags with different numbers of plant holes, perforated at different distances.

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