New brand identity and website

At the first day of spring the former Greenyard Horticulture announced its new name Agaris. Now a brand new website and identity is launched. 

Agaris - May you be grown

Agaris finds its basis in Latin and comes from the verb ‘agere’ (do, make, act). It means as much as ‘it will be done for you’, or in the case of plants, ‘may you be grown.’ Moreover, the name sounds international, is language-neutral and can be easily pronounced anywhere, which is a plus for a company operating in 6 countries and exporting its products worldwide. The new logo combines the leaf of a plant and the cap of a mushroom and symbolizes as such the two Agaris divisions: Horti (growing media for plants) and Myco (growing media for mushrooms).

Discover our range of growing media

The key focus of our website is to provide growers and users a view on our extensive range of products. Agaris creates growing media for different sales segments. Professional growers from all over the world can count on specialized growing media for a sustainable and performant cultivation. The growing media of Agaris are essential for the cultivation of mushrooms, fruits & vegetables and ornamental crops. Agaris has also a leading position in the hobby markets and is partner of the biggest European retailers. Finally, Agaris has a wide offer of growing media for urban green applications.