Agaris Myco plans further development of phase 3 mushroom substrate production

The Myco division of Agaris has successfully launched the production of phase 3 substrate for button mushrooms in its facilities in Uman, Ukraine. The construction of new tunnels for phase 3 substrate production is another important step in the development strategy of the company. The availability of high quality phase 3 substrate is a step change for the fast evolving Ukrainian mushroom growing industry.

The production capacity of phase 3 substrate in Uman facility will increase up to 5.400 tons of substrate per month by the end of 2019. Because of these major investments, Agaris Myco is the first producer of phase 3 button mushroom substrate on this scale in Ukraine allowing to respond better to the wishes of the growers.

Orders from Ukraine and neighbouring countries have already been delivered and the reactions of the growers were unanimously positive. The Agaris phase 3 mushroom substrate stands out by its high and stable quality.