Organic fertilizers reduces carbon footprint

Agaris has forged strong partnerships in its commitment to developing organic fertilizers. These fertilizers are suitable for use in organic farming and are specifically designed to fit within our substrate complex.

Hobby gardeners who want to grow their own organic fruits, herbs and vegetables need effective nutrients from organic fertilizers in their substrate mixes. But also professional growers, such as herb growers are in need of organic fertilizers that deliver their nutrients in an efficient way. The combination of organic fertilizers in substrate is not always easy, as the deliberation of nutrients should be well fitted in the substrate. But with their tailor-made organic fertilizers Agaris is presenting a key-lock principle, able to deliver the right nutrients to the plant. 

Moreover this approach has resulted into a 32% increase in the tonnage of these fertilizers used in our substrates over the past year at our production sites in France and Belgium. Since 37% of our greenhouse gas emissions at input level are associated with synthetic fertilizers, we are thus taking significant action to reduce our carbon footprint.