Hortiviv - Substrate of the future

For a more sustainable cultivation that is less dependent on chemical inputs, it is crucial to grow more resilient plants. The presence of a rich root microbiology stimulates plants to be stronger and more resilient. Hortiviv® has been in-house developed by Agaris and is the first microbial inoculum working on hydroponic substrates. Growing on Hortiviv® substrates stimulates your plants to make more hair roots,  optimizes the nutrient uptake and simply makes your plants more resilient. 

Since the use of conventional crop protection measures is increasingly being restricted, the past few years there has been a large development of innovative biostimulating organisms. These beneficial fungi stimulate the plant to be stronger  in a natural way and improve the ability of plants to resist stress. However, the classic way of applying these organisms is not suitable for plant substrates. This is because it uses spores which are the inactive form of fungi. These spores are then expected to germinate in the substrate, but the stability of the substrates prevents this. As only the living forms can provide the effective biostimulation, this means these organisms cannot properly do their job.

Agaris developed an innovative technology to bring these benevolent fungi to life. Hortiviv® is a substrate inoculated with biostimulating fungi, which are settled directly in the substrate in their living form. For two consecutive years, the University of Ghent and ILVO (Instituut voor Landbouw- en Visserijonderzoek) used this inoculated substrate to conduct experiments on growing strawberries. These experiments showed that plants are stimulated and even strawberries grown on the inoculated Hortiviv® substrate have a longer shelf-life. Due to a resistance induced by the substrate , the Hortiviv® substrate contributes to a better quality of strawberries . In addition, Hortiviv® can also be used for sensitive tree cultivations, where it also has the ability to drastically raise the plants’ natural resistance.

Hortiviv® was nominated for the Phytofar industry award and presented as an innovation at the I-Cleantech festival in Brussels. 

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